Keep Strawberry out of a Jam

Our annual earned income covers just 40% of our operational costs. We need to raise the remaining 60% ourselves from generous supporters to ensure we keep our doors open.


How could you make a difference?

  • £30 could light Strawberry Hill for a day
  • £100 could maintain the gardens for two days
  • £250 could provide moth traps and cleaners to protect our delicate fabric walls
  • £500 could provide spades and forks for the gardener
  • £1000 could provide trees and shrubs for the garden
  • £5000 could provide much needed conservation cleaning and painting for the House.


Donate now


Thank you for your support.


Donors in the USA can make a tax efficient donation by completing this form and returning it to CAF America.

For more information on the opportunities to support Strawberry Hill and be associated with a unique historic house please contact us.