the books are ranged within gothic arches
Horace Walpole’s Description 1784

The Library

This is the first and most famous gothic Library in England, its arched bookcases taken from an illustration of a doorway in Hollar’s Old St Paul’s.

The main work in this room has been the repairs to the pierced gothic arches of the book cases. This has been carried out by specialist carvers from E Bowman and Sons joiners. The glass has been restored by Chapel Studio and new painted figures of Faith, Hope and Charity at the base of the section replace those that had been lost.

Detailed design drawings and watercolours of objects from Walpole’s collection are displayed on the bookshelves, thanks to a grant from John Murray. We have also managed to fill about two-thirds of the remaining shelves with appropriate books given, lent and purchased by kind supporters.

The Library - detail arched bookcases