the ceiling is taken from the Queen’s dressing-room at Windsor
Horace Walpole’s Description 1784

The Holbein Chamber

The Holbein Chamber is the first room of the State Apartment – the area of the house set aside for entertainment and socialising rather than private use. Its purple coloured walls originally provided a back-drop to a set of Holbein drawings – both copies and originals.

The ceiling is an early example of the use of papier mâché and is based on the Queen’s dressing room at Windsor Castle, while the fireplace is based on Archbishop Warham’s tomb at Canterbury Cathedral. The design for the pierced screen was copied from a choir screen at Rouen Cathedral.

Canterbury Cathedral Glass Studios have recreated faithfully the stained and painted glass originally by William Price the Younger, including the Royal Arms of England as used by Queen Anne.

The Holbein Chamber - fireplace The Holbein Chamber