The Green Closet - window
The Little Parlour would not hold them, the Green Closet still less!
To Mary Berry, 10 October 1793, describing a large number of visitors to the house.

The Green Closet

This beautifully proportioned room was a very private space for Mr Walpole in which he displayed an important collection of portrait miniatures and habitually retreated to in order to write. In order to allow private access from the Breakfast Room to the bedroom above, Frances Waldegrave introduced a staircase to the south wall which has now been removed.

The windows were shaped in a style described later as Venetian Gothic and allow an enormous amount of light in from the east and south.

Although the reproduction wallpaper of an extraordinary green (from Prussian Blue and Naples Yellow glazed with Copper salt) with brown flock may be difficult to look at, visitors should remember that well over one hundred paintings and portrait miniatures were displayed on the walls.

wallpaper - The Green Closet