It was hung with yellow paper and prints ...
Horace Walpole’s Description 1753

The Beauty (Discovery) Room

Walpole’s ‘Beauty Room’ is preserved with its various layers exposed: the wooden panelling of the original small house begun in1698; a gothic fire-place designed for Walpole by Richard Bentley; Walpole’s restored windows, shutters and painted glass; a closet with a colourful ‘bird’ paper from the 19th century; a section of William Morris wallpaper dating from the 1930s and an anaglypta ceiling paper from the 1970s!

A glass panel in the floor reveals the intricate working of Lady Waldegrave’s bell system. There are displays of artefacts discovered during the works and short films showing aspects of the restoration.

One interesting feature in this room and in several others in the house is that many windows slide horizontally into the walls to give the effect of standing on a balcony.